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Flooring Services all of Ontario and surrounding provinces

We have worked all over Southwestern Ontario to help customers with all of their flooring needs. Our qualified flooring contractors are able to advise and refresh your flooring offering many leading brands and suppliers of carpet, laminate, hardwood, vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring. We look forward to hearing about your project and want to give you a very transparent and authentic perspective.

Hardwood Floor Products & Installation

Take your space to the next level by accessing our showroom’s beautiful hardwood floor selection. H&M Flooring + Design showroom is a premier provider of hardwood in Ontario, perfect if you’re looking to improve your home or business ambiance with a classic pattern.

Tile Floor Products & Installation

Browse our impressive tile selection for virtually every application and design. It’s very easy to find your perfect tile by taking advantage of our expert reps and local showroom. We have hundreds of tile colours, styles, proportions, forms, features, and patterns perfect for all interior design projects. Let’s talk tiles!

Laminate Floor Products & Installation

H&M Flooring + Design has hundreds of rolls and thousands of square feet of laminate flooring ready for your next project. Get affordable and honest pricing when you shop with us. Come on down to our laminate flooring display in our Ontario showroom to learn about current sales and discounts.

Vinyl Floor Products & Installation

Hardwood and tile floors are undeniably magnificent and iconic, but let’s face it: for your hectic home or business they are not always the best choice. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice practical design anymore: vinyl floors are notoriously good at imitating natural surfaces such as wood, stone or ceramics at a great price. Browse our vinyl flooring today!

Luxury Vinyl Floor Products & Installation

Dream big! Luxury vinyl flooring can achieve every look and feel you can imagine. It’s incredibly versatile and elegant and can easily match your existing decoration with its’ bold and complementary colours. From classic styles to modern home or business designs, our luxury vinyl flooring selection is all you’ll need, and at a great price!

Carpet Floor Products & Installation

Carpet is a perfect choice for almost any room in your house. Carpeting is known as a pleasant, comfortable and silent flooring choice. Maintaining the look of your carpet with today’s floor technology guarantees the softness, strength and resistance of the carpet. Carpet comes in a wide variety of colours, patterns and designs that make it ideal for almost any type of design. Check out our carpet flooring showroom today!

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